Staff and Team Augmentation Services

Your Strategic IT Advantage

Get on-demand access to your own team of IT Project Managers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Software Developers, and Testers without the hassle of managing full-time employees.

What are the benefits of Staff and Team Augmentation?

  • Flexibility: Scale your team up or down as project demands change, adapting quickly to business needs.

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce overhead costs by avoiding permanent employment expenses like paid vacations, benefits, payroll, human resource management.

  • Access to Specialized Skills: Quickly acquire specialized skills and expertise for specific projects.

  • Reduced Hiring Time: Onboard new talent fast from a pre-vetted pool, speeding up project timelines.

  • Focus on Core Business: Concentrate on core activities by outsourcing specialized or temporary roles.

  • Mitigate Employment Risks: Reduce hiring and firing risks as the staffing agency manages employment responsibilities.

  • Improved Project Management: Align staff levels dynamically with project needs, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.

  • Enhanced Innovation: Introduce new ideas and perspectives that drive innovation.

  • Geographical Expansion: Access local talent in new markets without establishing a permanent presence.

  • Quality Assurance: Benefit from guarantees that ensure work meets high standards.

Staff and Team Augmentation Services Offered by Whirr Crew

Provides a comprehensive range of staff and team augmentation services to meet every business need:

Team Augmentation

Elevate your projects with our top-tier professionals to extend your capabilities and expedite development processes.

Staff Augmentation

Handpick specialized experts to address precise skill gaps, ensuring optimal team composition for each project phase.

Project Management Support

Leverage seasoned project managers to steer your projects to successful delivery on time, within budget, scope and quality.

CTO as a Service

Gain strategic technological oversight with our fractional CTO offering, providing leadership to drive your tech strategy and maintain a competitive edge without the overhead.

DevOps Services

Enhance operational efficiency and shorten the market time with our comprehensive DevOps solutions, promoting continuous integration and deployment.

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