CREDITINFO: Development of the Web and Mobile Application

My Creditinfo is a web and mobile application that provides credit data from credit bureau databases to individuals. Specifically, it was envisioned as a user-friendly platform for individuals to manage their credit history. It provides insights into the processes of data banks and other financial institutions during loan issuance. Through timely credit alerts, users can ascertain their credit score and keep tabs on their credit history.

Technology Stack

  • React 

  • Redux 

  • TypeScript 

  • JavaScript 

  • .NET


  • Project Manager

  • React Developers

  • React Native Developers

  • .NET Developer

  • QA Automation


Creditinfo is a leading service provider for credit information and risk management solutions worldwide. With 25+ years of experience, it has established more than 30 credit bureaus in mature and emerging markets over 4 continents. Therefore, it tangibly contributes to the growth and strengthening of economies.


The challenge lies in ensuring that this vast array of credit bureau data is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to navigate their credit data seamlessly. The next set of challenges arises in performance optimization, compatibility issues with third-party libraries, and complex debugging processes due to the bridge between JavaScript and native code. Navigating platform-specific differences between iOS and Android, ensuring UI consistency across various devices, and managing state effectively in the larger application as CBS added to the complexity.


To effectively navigate React Native development challenges our team optimized performance through profiling and native modules as well as carefully selected and regularly updated compatible third-party libraries. Our team addressed platform-specific differences with conditional code, adopted robust navigation libraries, and stayed updated with React Native releases.

Next, we actively developed and integrated new features to enhance the user experience. Our primary goal was to design visually appealing and intuitive interfaces, ensuring users could effortlessly navigate and interact with the platform. Through our efforts, we aimed to make the digital product more functional and user-friendly for Creditinfo's clientele. To achieve this, we established direct and regular touchpoints with a client and a few early adopters to actively collect feedback and adjust the application to meet their requirements.

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Successfully delivering the MyCreditinfo web and mobile application increased market penetration and brought a new source of revenue for our client.


Highly skilled React Native Developers from the Whirr Crew successfully delivered MyCreditinfo web and mobile applications. We have reaffirmed our front-end development expertise and dedication to client satisfaction. As Creditinfo continues to empower users with essential credit insights, Whirr Crew stands proud of our role in this transformative journey. We look forward to fostering this partnership and driving further innovations in fintech.