TESCO: Goods Out Application

We created a Goods Out Application (GOA) web solution that standardizes core goods-out operations, simplifies processes for employees, and takes into account the workflow and other differences across eight warehouses in three EU countries – Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Technology Stack

  • Java

  • Spring Boot

  • ReactJS

  • Platform: web


  • 2× Back-end Developer

  • 2× Front-end Developer

  • Software Architect

  • QA engineer

  • UI/UX DesignerSenior

  • Product Owner


TESCO is a multinational retail company with headquarters in the UK. Being one of the largest retailers in the world, it has shops in more than 10 countries. Currently, TESCO is a leading retail company in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary with eight warehouses serving 550+ stores.


Our client needed a bespoke GOA tool for their eight warehouses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The warehouses historically developed independently from each other for about 10 years and, thus, had differences in processes, approaches, etc. 

The goal was to create an all-in-one digital solution that would centralize the core system for all client’s warehouses and take into account their specifics at the same time. 

One of the main challenges for our client and our team was the significant difference between Hungary warehouses compared to the ones in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thus, we needed to customize processes so that they comply with the demands of the Hungary specialists, legal requirements, historical peculiarities, etc.


Fast user adoption


Working performance increase


Employee satisfaction rate increase


Initially, the TESCO warehouse specialists needed three or more separate applications for their daily tasks and processes, which brought inconvenience to the modern pace, workflow, and general performance. We analyzed the client's requirements and all necessary data and created a custom solution that was based on several independent TESCO’s software systems.

One of the best parts of our custom solution is its flexibility. Basically, we can integrate our system and customize it to fit the needs of every new and existing warehouse of our client. 

Our design and development specialists made sure that this GOA web app follows the TESCO design brand book and guidelines so that every worker intuitively understands the purpose of specific design elements.

The Goods Out Tool has several integrations to the systems responsible for ordering, gate operating, shipment management, and others. By using this web app tool, TESCO warehouse and other specialists can see all necessary data in one app on one page. This is especially convenient for busy warehouses that don’t have much time on every task yet must ensure top-quality results of their personal work.

The main end-users of our bespoke GOA are:

  • Warehouse managers and clerks;

  • Transport managers and clerks;

  • Goods-in/goods-out office specialists;

  • Employee performance tracking managers;

  • Shift supervisors, etc.

We used the stack of technologies most convenient for TESCO's future goals and tech implementations. Also, we used multiple tech integrations to ensure clear data flow.

Curious about our collaboration with Tesco? Feel free to reach out for more details!


  • Reduces operational costs of administrative workers who are responsible for shipment  IT solutions for all client warehouses 

  • Enterprise-central based solution, reduces and maintains cost 

  • Standardize user interface, increase user experience and satisfaction, compline with Tesco Standards

  • All inbound delivery in one page decreases user destruction and human error level, increases performance of goods dispatching 

  • Similarly, operators monitor and edit trips in real time increasing performance 

  • Improves decision-making process and as a result saves time for making decisions  

  • Convenient tool with enhanced reporting functionality that collects data from various sources and presents it to the client, managers, etc.


Our team created a complex system that is convenient and beneficial to all client’s warehouses. Now, specialists have all the necessary data and management tools all in one place, which eliminates the necessity of using Excel, emailing, and other traditional but outdated systems for warehouse processes.

We used multiple customizations to centralize and optimize the workflow in all warehouses. Now, managers, operators, and other specialists have access to an efficient tool for goods-out and other processes like tracking and managing shipment time, truck number, driver’s route and behind-the-wheel time, distribution of goods, etc.

Our collaboration with the client continues and goes beyond this project. Our team also assists TESCO's in-house specialists with creating and upgrading various digital solutions for their business processes.

We are proud to say that this project is among our first ones for Central Europe. Our digital solution fully meets the TESCO standards from the technology to design perspective.


Warehouses integrated


Countries operating
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

1.5 years

Project duration (and counting)