CREDITINFO: Migration of Legacy Front-End to ReactJS

Migration of the Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) legacy UI to unified UI using ReactJS. This expansive project spanned over 100 screens across 48 modules, with a budget slightly exceeding 2000 MDs.

Technology Stack

  • JReact 

  • Redux 

  • TypeScript 

  • JavaScript 

  • .NET


  • Project Manager

  • React Architect

  • 2× React Developers

  • .NET Developer

  • QA Automation


Creditinfo is a leading service provider for credit information and risk management solutions worldwide. With 25+ years of experience, it has established more than 30 credit bureaus in mature and emerging markets over 4 continents, thus tangibly contributing in growing and strengthening economies.


The migration of the CBS UI to ReactJS faces significant challenges, primarily due to its complexity with over 100 screens and 48 modules, each with unique functionalities and dynamically changing outputs for the users. Additionally, it was crucial to maintain business continuity, ensuring the CBS operates smoothly during the transition, possibly requiring phased migration. Performance optimization was also key, with a focus on efficient loading, responsive design, and handling high transaction volumes in the new ReactJS application.


To effectively manage the complex migration of the CBS UI to ReactJS, adopting Agile methodologies for structured project management was essential. This enabled us to tackle the project in manageable sprints. A phased migration approach ensured business continuity, allowing for parallel system operation. Emphasizing performance optimization through ReactJS's capabilities and regular testing was crucial for handling high transaction volumes. Additionally, a comprehensive testing strategy was implemented, including automated tests. Finally, implemented user training programs and feedback loops facilitated smoother adaptation to the new UI. Maintaining strong communication with all stakeholders and designing the system with scalability and future-proofing in mind was also key to the project’s success. This systematic and highly organized approach not only made the system easy to use but also enhanced its overall functionality.

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Successfully migrated legacy UI to unified UI in ReactJS for front office and back office, with no client-side installations. In addition, the application acquired a modern and interactive look and feel with responsive design. Consequently, the client enhanced their tender success rate and gained a competitive edge in the market.


Highly skilled ReactJS professionals from Whirr Crew adeptly delivered a demanding project characterized by tight timelines and budget constraints. This reaffirmed our expertise in front-end development and dedication to client satisfaction.

This change helps our client gain a competitive advantage over existing market competitors by providing:

  • A unified UI for both the front office and back office of the CBS;

  • Standardized UI for all Creditinfo applications;

  • Mobile-responsive design;

  • Modern look and feel;

  • Elimination of the need for client-side installation.

As Creditinfo continues to empower users with essential credit insights, Whirr Crew stands proud of our role in this transformative journey. We look forward to fostering this partnership and driving further innovations in fintech.


Modules covered


Screens designed and implemented

2000+ MDs

Project duration