BLUE DYNAMIC: Efficiency Operations Application

Technology Stack

  • React, Redux, React Native

  • .NET


  • Python Developer

  • .NET Developer

Blue Dynamic streamlines everyday operations for retailers, wholesalers, and logistics companies, helping to speed up their business processes. Our senior integration specialists design and implement integration solutions utilizing Azure cloud integration services.


Blue Dynamic helps retail, wholesale, and logistics companies improve their businesses. They work mainly in the Czech Republic and across the European Union. Their focus is on implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems and providing full IT infrastructure support and development services, especially on the Microsoft platform.


The primary objective was to transition the on-premise hosted integration interfaces to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Additionally, with the client incorporating new applications into their stack, seamless integration was essential. These new applications required smooth interaction with existing systems, managing tasks such as data transfers, batches, and real-time processing.


The primary purpose of the integration is to seamlessly transfer data between internal and external systems, maintaining data integrity across different sources, and ensuring accuracy and currency of information within internal systems. It also handles various business events, such as order creation, purchase order fulfillment, and product shipment.

Several integrations with third-party systems are in place. For instance, one crucial integration is with GS1. This was necessary to accurately assign identification keys to stocked articles, ensuring their proper recognition as trade items.

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  • Reliable Data Delivery: Implemented a message broker functionality to guarantee seamless data transfer between CRM and ERP systems.

  • Automated Alerts: Established an alerting system to promptly notify business personnel in case of data transfer failures due to technical issues.

  • Seamless Data Conversion: Enabled smooth conversion of data between source and destination systems, facilitating integration between external suppliers' ordering software and internal CRM/ERP systems.

  • Streamlined Integration Interface: Optimized performance and reduced cloud service costs by refactoring code for integration interface streamlining.


The client team has observed considerable success in the project outcomes. Whirr Crew developers were instrumental in enhancing the integration's efficiency, ensuring smooth data delivery, integrity, and streamlined processing of key business events such as order creation and product shipments. Our efforts led to improved performance of integration interfaces and optimized software, resulting in reduced bills from a cloud service provider. Additionally, the decrease in operational incidents contributed to lower expenses for on-call technical support, ultimately generating cost savings for client operations.

  • Significant improvement of the performance of some of integration interfaces (data transfer time reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes).

  • Cost savings - optimization of the existing software allowed to reduce the bills from the cloud service provider by thousands of Euro. Reduction of operating costs - low level of production incidents resulted in lower expenses associated with on-call technical support.