BULLETTECH: High-Speed Trading Platform

Bullettech is  a high-speed desktop trading platform, designed to significantly enhance business operations. This solution is tailored for the finance industry, focusing on traders and brokers.

Technology Stack

  • C++

  • Qt, CMake, Boost, Poco, Multithreading, Docker Compose


  • C++ Developers


Bullettech is a client based in Cyprus, seeking a robust trading platform. Their aim is to double their business by enabling customers to use this application. Bullettech is a trading system for professional traders and brokers/dealers in the finance world, that allows professional firms, fund managers and traders to take precise trading decisions and stay up to date.


The challenge was to build a new application from scratch, focusing on real-time transaction processing, trading, and market monitoring for professional firms, fund managers, and traders.


Developing a desktop application for real-time transaction processing, trading, and market monitoring creates unique challenges. Our client's goal was to empower professional firms and traders to make precise trading decisions and seamlessly stay informed about the market, regardless of external conditions.

Our team managed the development of creating the front end, smoothly implementing the Graphical User Interface (GUI), and connecting it to the backend through Docker Compose for a streamlined development environment. Additionally, we are actively working on implementing dynamic charts with TradingView, integrating market search components, and continuously refining the designs.

Curious about our collaboration with Bullettech? Feel free to reach out for more details!


This project successfully created a high-speed trading platform for Bullettech, enhancing the trading experience for users. Our solution allows for trading across different platforms and time zones, providing essential tools for modern traders.


Developing a desktop application for real-time transaction processing, trading, and market monitoring creates unique challenges included the following steps:

  • Style Setter: Users can customize components in the app, setting unique styles for each window or globally. This includes changing element shapes, colors, and backgrounds for a personalized user experience;

  • Symbol Linking: This functionality enables static or dynamic linking of the Level 2 (L2) window to charts. This ensures that charts get updated based on information from the L2 window, enhancing user convenience;

  • Alerts: The platform provides alerts for high or low prices, helping users stay informed about market changes and make timely decisions;

  • Account Management: Simulated accounts and implemented logic streamline user and account management, enhancing overall user experience;

  • Executions, Positions, and Settings: Simulated operations allow users to simulate position openings and closings with accurate calculations, providing a comprehensive trading experience;

  • User Login Authorization: Secure access through user login ensures data protection, adding an extra layer of security to the platform;

  • Orders/Order Entry: Users can easily access and create requests for orders and locates, simplifying the order management process.