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Whirr Crew specializes in custom AI-driven software development, web and mobile application development!

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Custom AI-Driven Software Development

We design, develop and implement a wide range of Generative and Predictive AI-driven applications that boost the efficiency of your business.

Custom Software Development

We design, build, launch, maintain, and scale! Let us tailor your web and mobile applications to fit your unique business needs.

Staff and Team Augmentation

Break the limits. In search for IT Project Managers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Analysts, Software Developers, and Software Testers? Lease us short-term or long-term lease based on your current needs.

MS Dynamics 365 Implementations

Unlock the full potential of your operations with our expert MS Dynamics 365 Implementations. Our team specializes in customizing Dynamics 365 to fit the unique processes and goals of your business.

Ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance, from initial setup and configuration to ongoing support and optimization. We provide comprehensive solutions that improve decision-making, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

Mission and Commitment

Our mission is to drive positive and enduring change. We empower our Clients with Custom AI-Driven Software, Web and Mobbile Applications, and dedicated Design and Development Teams.

We are committed to innovation and excellence, ensuring each Client achieves unique business goals through advanced technology and expert collaboration.

How We Help Your Digital Transformation

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Understand and Analyze Your Needs

We begin by understanding your business goals and challenges. Through consultations and assessments, we identify key opportunities for digital solutions, ensuring we align with your vision.

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Design and Develop Tailored Solutions

We design and develop custom solutions tailored to your business needs, whether it's AI-driven applications, bespoke software, or team augmentation. Our agile methodologies ensure flexibility and high-quality results.

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Implement and Optimize for Success

We implement the solutions seamlessly into your infrastructure, providing training, support, and continuous optimization. This ensures a smooth transition and sustained growth in your digital journey.

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Success Stories

CREDITINFO: Migration of Legacy Front-End to ReactJS

CREDITINFO: Migration of Legacy Front-End to ReactJS

Migration of the Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) legacy UI to unified UI using ReactJS. This expansive project spanned over 100 screens across 48 modules, with a budget slightly exceeding 2000 MDs.

AI Reply - Email Productivity Solution

AI Reply - Email Productivity Solution

Transform your email management with AI Reply. Featuring seamless email integration, instant replies, adjustable tone and length, and multilingual support, AI Reply helps you craft the perfect email every time, in seconds.