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Whirr Crew delivers web and mobile applications as well as IT talents.

We cover end-to-end development and delivery of IT solutions, leveraging our long-term software development expertise.

Business Intelligence

Embracing a tech-forward mindset by providing guided steps for innovative and high-performing changes.

Support and Maintenance

Managing technical issues and improving user experience empowers you to focus on your core business priorities.

Custom AI Platform

We provide wide range of modern solutions that boost efficiency of your businesses through process and workflow automation.

Explore Our Services

Custom Software Development

Design, build, launch, and scale digital products tailored to your unique business needs.

Staff and Team Augmentation

Short-term and long-term lease of IT Project Managers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Analysts, Software Developers, and Software Testers based on your current needs.

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

Guide and leade your technology vision forward to elevate your business.

MS Dynamics 365 Implementations

Streamlining efficiency by simplifying operations, including planning, customization, ongoing maintenance, and timely upgrades.

Values and Vision

Start a digital transformation with Whirr Crew, your go-to software development agency for innovative solutions. Driven by the core value of maximizing efficiency and understanding its crucial role, we create products that boost operational productivity, saving both time and resources. Dedicated to customizing our approach to your unique requirements, our team ensures your vision becomes a reality. Our focus is on building enduring partnerships, delivering smart, innovative, and high-performing results. 

Discover top-tier software development as a service with Whirr Crew, your reliable and consistent digital partner.

How We Help Your Digital Transformation

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Streamlined Staff Augmentation

Top-tier talent delivers fast, cost-effective results as our engineers seamlessly integrate into your project, ensuring exceptional quality.

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High Quality

Count on us for top-notch custom software development, IT solutions, and expert consultancy at a reasonable price.

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Embracing a tech-forward mindset by providing guided steps for innovative and high-performing changes.

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Success Stories

CREDITINFO: Migration of Legacy Front-End to ReactJS

CREDITINFO: Migration of Legacy Front-End to ReactJS

Migration of the Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) legacy UI to unified UI using ReactJS. This expansive project spanned over 100 screens across 48 modules, with a budget slightly exceeding 2000 MDs.

TESCO: Goods Out Application

TESCO: Goods Out Application

Tesco, a leading retail company in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, operates seven warehouses serving over 550 stores. We implemented a centralized system to provide process support, collect data from each branch, and standardize transportation operations across all warehouses.