AI Reply - Email Productivity Solution

AI Reply is a comprehensive, AI-powered email assistant that offers advanced features including seamless email crafting, instant replies, adjustable tone and message length, and multilingual support. This help users write the perfect email every time. The tool is suitable foe both personal and professional use.

Technology Stack

  • JReact 

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • Open AI 

  • Digital Ocean


  • UX/UI Designer

  • React

  • AI Developers

  • .NET Developer

  • Tester


Email communication can be time-consuming and stressful, often leading to inefficiency in both personal and professional settings. Our team set out to solve this problem by creating a convenient service that combines modern correspondence with cutting-edge technologies. We developed AI Reply, an extension for Google Chrome launched in early 2024, designed to simplify email correspondence. This tool helps users become more efficient and productive, saving time for what truly matters.


On average, employees spend up to 3 hours of their workday drafting, proofreading, and sending emails, which amounts to over 190 hours a year. This means a staggering 30% of their workday is dedicated to emails alone. We believe this is too much—let's remove the burden of email management. Sometimes, going through tons of emails in multiple languages, tones and lengths can undermine your writing confidence. Instead of thinking about the subject matter, you get stressed out under the flood of various correspondence. Never again! Lots of available AI writing assistants don’t offer desired flexibility and in fact, slow down your natural flow. Multiple tabs, pop-up ads, various interfaces, copy+pastes, and the list goes on. Don’t get your flow disrupted by the faulty design.


AI Reply is your solution to reclaiming time and boosting productivity. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this powerful tool enables you to manage your emails in seconds. Be more productive, creative, and confident—extend your coffee breaks and focus on what truly matters. Don’t get bogged down by writing, proofreading, editing or translating emails again. AI Reply is a powerful multilingual tool with contextual flexibility. Polished, professional, error-free - make each email stand out. AI Reply not only lets you freely customize your emails. Its highly intuitive user interface is built into Gmail, so you save yourself trouble of switching through tabs and screens. Designed like this, your emailing agenda is indeed a seconds-short business now.

Curious how AI Reply can keep you at the top of your game?


As a result, we have developed a high-quality Google Chrome extension with an intuitive user interface and powerful functionality. AI Reply allows you to respond to any message with ease, adjusting the format, length, tone and language to suit your needs. Stay competitive by being faster, more confident, and always professional with AI Reply.


Within just one month of launching, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from users who tried our extension for the first time. Many reported higher click-through rates, increased responses, and more free time.

This change helps our clients gain a competitive edge in the market by providing:

  • Instant Email Responses for significant time gains;

  • Seamless Gmail Integration for maximum focus and productivity;

  • Adjustable Context, Tone, and Length for effective communication;

  • Multilingual Support for effortless global communication;