TRADING TECHNOLOGIES: Cross-Asset Platform for Capital Markets

Our team at Whirr Crew played a pivotal role in refining Trading Technologies' flagship financial trading application, TTW.

By focusing on the Blocktrader widget, our React developers introduced innovative features and significantly improved the UI/UX. This collaboration led to a marked enhancement in the application's performance and usability, providing substantial business advantages for Trading Technologies and its clients within the finance industry.

Technology Stack

  • React.js

  • JavaScript

  • Backbone.JS and Less.JS for legacy codebase management

  • Backend programming based on Python


  • React Developers

  • Backend Developers (indirect collaboration)


Trading Technologies is a leading provider of professional trading software and solutions. With a focus on delivering powerful, intuitive trading platforms, Trading Technologies caters to a wide range of users including proprietary traders, brokers, money managers, CTAs, hedge funds, commercial hedgers, and risk managers. Its cross-asset platform enables clients to engage in B2B and B2C trading across various stock instruments and markets.


The primary challenges involved in this project included navigating a complex domain with new trading terms and relationships, working within an outdated technology stack with large legacy codebases, and ensuring the reliability of financial instruments in a risk-sensitive environment. Additionally, the task of introducing new features while maintaining system stability and performance was significant.


Our React Developers tackled these challenges head-on by implementing innovative features and making substantial UI/UX improvements to the Blocktrader widget and other components of the TTW platform. By adopting a proactive communication strategy, engaging with team members, managers, and testers, and initiating a collaborative design review process before coding, we ensured that each solution was user-friendly and met the highest standards. Additionally, our team developed a universal templating tool to facilitate the creation of templates for various functionalities, enhancing the platform's versatility and efficiency.

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The collaboration led to a significant reduction in bugs, especially within the Blocktrader widget, which is now considered virtually bug-free. The introduction of new features, such as the price pair feature, enabled automatic price calculations relative to the market price, thereby improving the trading experience for users. This ongoing project continues to evolve, with a focus on delivering custom functionalities for B2B clients, thereby generating substantial revenue for Trading Technologies.


Whirr Crew's involvement in the Trading Technologies project exemplifies our ability to address complex challenges within the trading and financial markets industry. Our expertise in React.js and our innovative approach to software development have contributed to enhancing a critical trading platform used by prominent financial institutions. As Trading Technologies continues to set the standard in professional trading software, Whirr Crew is proud to be a part of their journey, delivering solutions that drive the industry forward.

  • Significant UI/UX enhancements to the TTW platform, focusing on the Blocktrader widget.

  • Development of a universal templating tool for broader widget functionality.

  • Successful introduction of new trading features, improving the platform's utility and client satisfaction.

  • Effective problem-solving in a complex, risk-sensitive domain through proactive communication and collaborative design processes.