AI SE for Recruitment

A recruitment agency in the USA faced challenges with a 3-million resume database, our AI Search Engine revolutionizes recruitment, making it faster, more precise, and cost-effective. The AI Search Engine offers smart analysis by matching job descriptions with ideal candidates, intelligent matching that ranks candidates based on fit, and insightful outputs that provide detailed candidate insights and tailored interview questions.

Technology Stack

  • Angular

  • Python

  • Open AI

  • Anthropic

  • Huggin Face

  • AWS


  • UX/UI Designer

  • React

  • AI Developers

  • Tester


Recruitment process can be a costly and time consuming effort. Many recruiting agencies struggle to strike a right balance between saving time and resources on reviewing millions of resumes while making sure to grant enough attention to the right candidates. We leveraged cutting-edge technologies to create a powerful AI-driven recruitment tool that emphasizes hiring quality and significantly reduces costs - save up to 62% of time on recruitment!


Imagine having a 3-million database of resumes. Bigger recruitment agencies struggle with constant stress of optimizing review speed while not losing right candidates in the shuffle. This costly process needed to be revolutionized by a proper AI-solution that speeds up the review time without compromising the hiring quality. When coming up with the perfect solution for hiring automation, it’s essential not to compromise quality. Competent candidates falling through the cracks of heavy automation are a common problem that harms all parties involved - companies, hiring agencies, and candidates. One major hurdle in integrating AI into recruitment systems is the lack of compatibility. Many recruitment companies find themselves struggling to seamlessly weave this innovation into their existing infrastructure. Legacy systems often may handle demands required by AI tools.


AI Search Engine is built as a high-performance tool. Now you can sift through resumes and shortlist candidates in minutes instead of hours. Smart matching mechanism ensures better fit and higher satisfaction. With over sixty-percent time savings in the process, hiring teams can work smarter, not harder - with reduced costs. Our AI Search Engine was developed not only with speed in mind. While hiring managers and agencies can truly save up to 62% of time, we were diligent about making all ends meet. AI Search Engine pays close attention to various aspects of candidates’ resumes for the best fit possible. Our AI engine is a seamless extension of your existing HR system. Gone are the days of worrying about compatibility or clunky integrations. We connect smoothly, unlocking streamlined workflows and revolutionizing your candidate management process.

Curious how you can thrive with AI Search Engine for Recruitment?


AI Search Engine excels at merging efficiency, hiring quality and review speed. Reducing the extensive human intervention, this tool cuts operational costs and automates manual filtering and sorting through millions of resumes. Save up to 62% and focus on what matters the most.


We've received a lot of positive feedback from people who have used our expansion for the first time. Most of them said that they had more free time, which they used to spend on writing letters.

  • Improving hiring quality;

  • Reducing operational costs;

  • Seamless integration into existing HR system;

  • Accelerated recruitment cycle;

  • 62% of saved time;

  • Clear focus on what matters.