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Whirr Crew delivers web and mobile applications as well as IT talents.

We cover end-to-end development and delivery of IT solutions, leveraging our long-term software development expertise.

What services do we offer?

Custom Software Development

Design, build, launch, and scale digital products tailored to your unique business needs.

Staff and Team Augmentation

Short-term and long-term lease of IT Project Managers, Product Managers, UX/UI Designers, Analysts, Software Developers, and Software Testers based on your current needs.

CTO as a Service

Guide and leade your technology vision forward to elevate your business.

Digitization and automation

We provide wide range of modern solutions that boost efficiency of your businesses through process and workflow automation.

We asked our clients

What was it like working with Whirr Crew?

Our Work

Trading Technology Engagement

Trading Technology Engagement

Our React Developers refined Trading Technologies' TTW, a financial trading application designed for diverse users. Working on Blocktrader widget, our developers introduced new features and improved the UI/UX, ensuring an optimized and streamlined trading experience.

Siemens Engagement

Siemens Engagement

Our Senior Angular Developer has been developing WinCC OA application. It is a user-friendly application enabling engineers to effortlessly manage and monitor devices in factories and plants at CERN and New York Metro.